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нет в наличии
Артикул: RS-GI-ZDP
¥280 000 JPY
Полная длина: 250 мм
Длина клинка: 130 мм
Толщина клинка: 5.8 мм
Материал клинка: ZDP189 clad by ATS34
Вес: 302 г
Твердость: более HRc67
Размеры: 230x50x18 мм
Материал: aluminum alloy 5052
Вес: 212 г
Дополнительная информация: hard anodized aluminum covered by nylon belt.
We wrapped the sheath made from KYDEX by aluminum


This is one of ROCKSTEAD’ s finest knives. This blade shape is Honzukuri̶durable, sharp and reminiscent of the traditional Japanese sword. This haft making is a real work of art by the hand of a traditional Japanese sword craftsman. The ZDP189 clad steel not found in usual knives. The faint line visible between the three layers reminds you of the Hamon of the Japanese sword. It is a knife that incorporates our highest technology.

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