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нет в наличии
¥92 000 JPY
Полная длина: 213 мм
Длина клинка: 100 мм
Толщина клинка: 3.2 мм
Материал клинка: YXR7 + DLC coating
Вес: 98 г
Твердость: порядка HRc65
  The grip is iron wood
Материал: кожа
Вес: 62г


It is a small sheath knife. It is the best knife for the use in daily life. The angle in the tip of the blade continuously changes from 30 degrees into 24 degrees, and sharpness is preeminent. Please confirm the function by hunting and fishing. It is a knife that can surely be satisfied. It is carbon steel. Please do not rust wiping it with the cloth after use. We used the dessert iron wood for the haft that have a steadiest function for the change of environment. This knife is Full tongue structure with the braid to the rear end(5mm) of the grasp

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Rockstead Каталог HYUGA-DLC1.43 Мб