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нет в наличии
Артикул: RS-JIN-S-HPC
¥180 000 JPY
Полная длина: 250 мм
Длина клинка: 130 мм
Толщина клинка: 5.8 мм
Материал клинка: YXR 7
Вес: 302 г
Твердость: порядка HRc65
Hard coating : HPC coating
The grip is iron wood
Материал: кожа
Вес: 100 г


The blade of this knife was finished with a mirror surface that continues to the edge. In spite of its thickness, paper can be sliced even after striking and cutting bamboo. This knife was made by three craftsmen who poured their energy and spirit into its production. Such fine craftsmanship deserves the label “factory custom-made.” It is a suitable knife for your using it in the forest. We used the dessert iron wood for the haft that have a steadiest function for the change of environment.

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