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Артикул: RS-UN-ZDP
¥380 000 JPY
Полная длина: 255 мм
Длина клинка: 140 мм
Толщина клинка: 5.2 мм
Материал клинка: ZDP189
Вес: 254 г
Твердость: порядка HRc67
Размеры: 238 x 48 x 24 мм
Материал: Wood maicarta & Leather
Вес: 138 г




This knife is a flagship of the sheath knife of ROCKSTEAD. This from which the convex surface is consecutive and a complete curved surface of one is made doesn't permit other follows. If you faced out the telephone book by this knife, you will feel, it looks like butter cutting. Please confirm HONZUKURI blades of us who evolved. The handle of UN can be detached. We are developing the handle that can be practicably changed. ZDP189 is a powder stainless steel material developed for cutlery. It is a product of the nano tech. However, it is an unsuitable knife to the beating cut. Please choose the color of the silk string of the handle freely from among 4 colors. (KINCYA,UGUISU,TETSUKON and AZUKI)