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Miki VG1 Nakiri vegetable knife 165mm (6.5") Rosewood handle

Beautiful Nakiri vegetable knife forged by Japanese Miki Knife Company with a three-layer 165mm long, blade with VG1 at the core cladded with SUS410. Rosewood handle.

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Beautiful Nakiri vegetable knife hot forged by Japanese Miki Knife Company has a three-layer (san mai) 165 mm long, double bevel blade, made with high-purity stainless core steel (VG1) cladded between soft stainless steel SUS410. This blade shape and steel will guarantee a very good cutting ability and easy maintenance. High corrosion resistance. Japanese style Rosewood handle; matt-satin blade finish and shiny blade edge making a perfect authentic look. Each knife is manually sharpened. Miki Nakiri vegetable knife is a perfect choice for home "Everyday" cooking. Knife packed in premium Japanese authentic gift box with traditional patterns.

Knife Type Nakiri
Brand Miki HamonoMiki Hamono
Knife Style Western Style
Blade Bevel Grind Double-edged
Total Knife Lenth (mm/Inch) 0/0
Blade Lenth (mm/Inch) 165/6,5
Blade Height at Base/Heel (mm/Inch) 0/0
Blade Steel / Core steel VG1
Blade Core Hardness 60-61HRC
Blade Construction / Structure San mai
Blade Cladding Steel VG1
Knife Handle Material Rosewood
Handle style Japanese
Total Knife Weight (g/Oz) 0/0
Hand-sharpened Yes
Place of Origin Hyogo Japan
Japanese Nakiri knife - a specialized knife that's designed for slicing, dicing, and chopping vegetables. Nakiri has a rectangular shape blade (most common 165 mm long,), very thin and straight what is ideal for an up-and-down motion during slicing vegetables. Quick dicing or "bruise" onions - problem, "Julienne" (in French - thin strips of vegetables) vegetables or Chiffonade (Shredding) the herbs - easy as pie. Japanese Nakiri knife is a perfect choice for cutting vegetables!
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