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Knife-Life Japan is the original online kitchen knife and its accessories shop where you can buy Japanese professional knives and knives for your home cooking. We offer the best value on the blades, fast shipping, and the best Japanese service. Our online shop first debuted in March 2020, and our headquarters are in Tokyo, Japan. As a result, our knife shop has become a mecca for individuals who adore Japanese steel and can't get enough of it.

We ship from Japan worldwide. Your order will be shipped directly from our office in Tokyo, Japan, using EMS or DHL Express.

We try to keep most items available for immediate shipment, and we can usually ship your order on the same day that it is placed or on the following day. However, if we cannot ship your order within a few days, we will promptly notify you about the expected shipping date of your order.

When your order has been dispatched, we'll send you an e-mail notification containing a tracking number that you can simply use to trace your parcel at the EMS Trace website or the DHL Trace website.

Sorry, you need to contact us if you would like to cancel or edit your order. Please contact us at as quickly as possible.

We accept returns or replacements if the item is defected or damaged during shipping. Please contact us once you notice any damage or defect before you use the item.

Please contact us with providing your order number and the discount/promo code.

No problem at all. Everything is beautifully packaged so it will look all present-y and special.

We usually reply to your e-mail messages and process your order transactions immediately after receiving them. Therefore, if you have not received an order confirmation or reply to your e-mail, it may be possible that: our e-mail was accidentally diverted into your “Spam Mail” box and make sure the e-mail address you entered was correct and is active.

We realize it’s hard for you to find the best knife to suite your need from our wide selections. Here are the ideas and suggestion to assist you chose your best knife quickly:

In Japan, we use metric measurements in "mm" (millimeters) and "cm" (centimeters) units and we state the blade length in millimeters, but we also provide this metric-to-inch conversion table for our customers who are not familiar with metric measurements. If the measurement you wish to convert is not in the table below, you can calculate the inch equivalent by dividing the number of millimeters by 25.4 (1 Inch = 25.4mm).

  Inch     Inch
Paring 80mm 3.1   Yanagiba 180mm 7
Petty 120mm 4.7   Yanagiba 210mm 8.2
Petty 135mm 5.3   Yanagiba 240mm 9.4
Petty 150mm 5.9   Yanagiba 270mm 10.6
Honesuki 150mm (Boning Knife) 5.9   Yanagiba 300mm 11.8
Santoku 170mm 6.6   Yanagiba 330mm 12.9
Santoku 180mm 7   Usuba 165mm 6.4
Gyuto 150mm 5.9   Usuba 180mm 7
Gyuto 180mm 7   Usuba 195mm 7.6
Gyuto 210mm 8.2   Usuba 210mm 8.2
Gyuto 240mm 9.4   Usuba 225mm 8.8
Gyuto 270mm 10.6   Deba 120mm 4.7
Gyuto 300mm 11.8   Deba 135mm 5.3
Sujihiki 210mm 8.2   Deba 150mm 5.9
Sujihiki 240mm 9.4   Deba 165mm 6.4
Sujihiki 270mm 10.6   Deba 180mm 7
Sujihiki 300mm 11.8   Deba 195mm 7.6
Western Deba 165mm 6.4   Deba 210mm 8.2
Western Deba 210mm 8.2      
Western Deba 240mm 9.4      
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