Japanese knife reviews

Submitted by Raelena W.

Out of the box, the knife is super sharp and has a great finish. The website is incredibly user-friendly, and once an order is placed, it is delivered promptly.

Submitted by John D.

Quick shipping, fast process.

Submitted by Matthew D.

The saya is of extremely good quality and is an excellent tool for protecting your knife. This is something I would strongly suggest.

Submitted by Jessica K.

Top-quality knives at an affordable price, good tracking, and quick shipment.

Submitted by Christopher S.

Delivery from Japan to Florida was quite quick. The knife is incredible; it's razor-sharp right out of the box and extremely comfortable to grip. I discovered the best nakiri knife for me after researching every nakiri knife on the internet. Thank you very much, Knife Life Japan.

Submitted by Stacey T.

This knife is razor-sharp, yet it's also nicely balanced and comfortable in hand. It is, without a doubt my favorite knife, and I go for it in nearly every scenario.

Submitted by Maddy M.

I was delighted by the simplicity of purchasing, the quickness it arrived from Japan, and the gorgeous package.

Submitted by Jose M.

It is precisely like the image. Light and well-balanced. Out of the package, it's crazy sharp.

Submitted by Stewart R.

The knife and the service were both amazing. Right out of the box, it's razor-sharp and quite robust. It has a nice feel and weight in the hand and has been a pleasure to use thus far. The delivery and service were both excellent. I've also ordered the Petty.

Submitted by Kimberley R.

Beautiful balance in a knife that has a nice weight and works well for chopping veggies. It's also quite pretty to look at.

Submitted by Nicole S.

In addition to being razor-sharp and well balanced, this knife is stunning. The wooden handle is quite comfortable, and the blade is lighter than I expected, yet it functions admirably.

Submitted by Tiffany L.

With simply the weight of the knife, I sliced through a tomato. A gorgeous, timeless design encases a high-quality knife and materials.

Submitted by Taylor S.

I bought this one and it exceeded my expectations. The handle was comfortable in my hands, which was my main concern when purchasing online.

Submitted by Smith K.

Balanced and well-built. And it's razor-sharp. Shipping was also quick.

Submitted by John S.

Best knives

Tetsuhiro Blue Super Gyuto knife 240mm (9.5") Black paper micarta - Fast shipping! Quality Knife! Great Price!
Submitted by Burton L.

I was pleasantly impressed by how quickly the package arrived. My product arrived two days after it was mailed! And I'm quite pleased with what I got. This knife is not only aesthetically pleasing, but it is also well-made and of good quality.

Submitted by Amanda P.

Very happy with my purchase.Fast delivery.

Submitted by Angela M.

This is my first knife with a Japanese handle. It has a fantastic feel to it and is quite sharp. Loving it.

Miki VG1 Nakiri knife 165mm (6.5") Black Pakkawood handle - Beautiful and sharp knife, super fast shipping
Submitted by Sarah S.

This knife has made me very pleased. The shipping from Japan was extremely fast, and the packaging was excellent. The knife is razor-sharp, well-balanced, beautiful, and simple to use. I will definitely purchase from this website in the future.

Submitted by Amy L.

I bought this knife about a month ago, and I have to say it was money well spent because it keeps its edge nicely and is very easy to sharpen with good whetstones. I've chosen to get a second knife for my friend.

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