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Japanese Beckoning cat or Maneki-Neko is a very popular figurine believed to bring good luck to its owner. Maneki-Neko can be with the right (male cat), left hands (female cat) raised, or even with both hands raised (third gender ???). With its left hand raised, the Cat figurine is said to be a female cat and to bring in good fortune related to people, such as prosperous business and good relationships. Usually often chosen by people who want to invite customers, such as ristorantes, shops, or people who want to find a partner for love or marriage. With its right hand raised, a beckoning cat is called a male cat and is said to bring luck with money. You can often see beckoning cats with their right hand raised displayed in ordinary Japanese homes. So, if you want good luck, such as "winning the lottery" or "obtaining a treasure," go for Maneki-Neko with your right hand raised. A Maneki-Neko with both hands raised is a two-birds-with-one-stone beckoning both money and a good relationship (a very rare beckoning cat!)
Depending on the color of the beckoning cat, the "benefit" is different. Maneki-Neko used to be white or calico cats, but in recent years Maneki-Neko of various colors that incorporate the elements of Feng shui has appeared. While white and calico beckoning cats bring " Almighty" good luck, the other colors invite various fortunes that reflect contemporary times.

Black - home safety, warding off evil. It is said that black means amulet. Good to place black Maneki-Neko at the entrance or in front of the store. No bad luck will enter.

Yellow or Gold - invites money, success in finance, and fortune. In Feng Shui, it is said that it is good to place Gold Maneki-Neko on the west side of the house.

Red - health and longevity. Red has the meaning of an amulet and is also said to be a color that keeps away illness. It is recommended to put it at the entrance of the house or flat.

Pink - fulfillment of love. It is said that the pink beckoning cat, which is said to be the color of love and rejuvenation, has the benefit of fulfilling love.

Blue - academic improvement, traffic safety, etc. In feng shui, the blue beckoning cat is considered to be the color of intelligence and is said to have the benefit of improving academic ability. In addition, it is expected to improve calmness and judgment, and it seems that it is sometimes called the beckoning cat of traffic safety.

Green - Academic success, winning pass, etc. In addition to ensuring peace and safety in the home, the green beckoning cat has recently been a hot topic among examinees. In feng shui, the green beckoning cat is said to be "the color that leads to peace of mind."

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