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Main advantages of high carbon steel knives

June 16, 2021 3 Comment(s)

Everyone from seasoned experts to first-time cooks loves to use high-carbon steel knives for their ultra-sharp edges and ease of use. Users say that it makes the entire slicing process less strenuous and are incredibly durable.

Are you looking for Japanese carbon steel knives too? Want to learn about their advantages? Here is why these steel knives are often the more preferred option.

What's the Carbon Content in The Knife?

The Japanese steel knives are alloys of carbon, iron, and other elements such as chromium and manganese. Depending on their carbon content, the primary types of steel are:

Stainless Steel - Low Carbon Content

The most commonly used knives are stainless steel as they are resistant to corrosion. The carbon content is low, but they have a high chromium content, giving them a glossy finish. Though they are corrosion-resistant, they are delicate and quickly become blunt.

Carbon Steel Knives - High Carbon Content

A lesser-known yet popular knife is the high carbon steel knife. Professionals use it due to its ultra-sharp edges and durability. The carbon content is over 2% making it strong and wear-resistant.

High carbon content knives have the edge over others due to their impeccable properties though they are brittle and less resistant to corrosion.

Carbon Steel Grades of Knives

Japanese are known as masters of knife art and often produce knives of the best steel grades mentioned below:

VG-10 (V-Gold No. 10)

It's a high-carbon Japanese steel knives with the addition of molybdenum and cobalt. It's corrosion-resistant and retains the cutting edge's strength even when the metal is hardened to 60-63 HRC.


They are used to produce knives with a corrosion-resistant blade hardened to 57-59 HRC hardness. The composition includes manganese, molybdenum, chromium, nickel—medium price knives.


It's an improved steel grade compared to AUS-8. It's strong and flexible but a little costly.

The Top Benefits of High Carbon Steel Knives

As we've already seen, there are a wide array of benefits of Japanese carbon steel knives. They are high-maintenance knives, but their special features are what differentiates them from the rest.

Easy to Sharpen

Carbon steel knives are extremely easy to hone and stay in form for a long time. You can sharpen the knives using honing tools or stones.

Sharper than Other Knives

High carbon steel knives are more efficient than low carbon ones due to their hardness and sharp edges. With high carbon composition, these knives are sharper than others offering exceptional cutting performance.


They are very hard, making them nearly impossible to break. They don't deform easily and tend to keep the shape for a long time.

How To Care for Japanese Carbon Steel Knives

Their high carbon content makes them prone to corrosion; they chip and break easily—one of the main reasons why they need to be handled with proper care. It may lose its sheen if it comes in frequent contact with salt or liquid items. But that doesn't cut down its performance.

Though carbon steel knives are high maintenance, you wouldn't trade them for other knives once you understand their potential.

Here is what you can do for it to last long:

  1. Wipe dry it after using – never leave it wet
  2. Store it separately from other knives
  3. For longevity, wrap it in a paper

Carbon Steel Knives Are Popular Due to Their Beautiful Aesthetics

High-carbon steel blades have a fine finish and a strong build. They are aesthetically appealing than stainless steel knives - a perfect addition to your modern kitchen.

These carbon steel knives are extremely sharp with a hard cutting edge. They are impact-resistant, wear-resistant, and also durable. Such blades do not need sharpening for months.

High-carbon steel knives is a remarkably hard and sharp blade providing excellent cutting properties. Japanese steel knives also have a minimum sharpening angle - up to 10 degrees.

The contact area with any product is minimal, and the cut is perfectly fine without crushing the product. Whether you're a knife buff or looking for a strong knife for your kitchen, you can buy original world-class products from our website.



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