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What is the best thing to sharpen a knife with?

November 3, 2021 0 Comment(s)
Nowadays, there are machines for everything - but there is no replacement for a knife. The most fundamental apparatus for any cook is the knife. There are two sorts of knives accessible in the market today - Stainless steel and Carbon steel. The hardened steel knives are the ordinary knives we use in our families, though the carbon steel knives are utilized in very good quality kitchens. The stainless steel knives are easier to use for daily cooking, while the carbon steel knives are resistant to heat, rust and can be used for a longer time.
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A good cook would know how to use their knives well. But a great cook will know how to take care of them too. A lot of us often ignore the taking care part - and by taking care, keeping them clean, and keeping them sharp. Sharp knife chops more precisely and fast. Keeping the knife sharp is an essential skill every cook has to know. The top chefs use a Whetstone, or the Honing rod to keep the knife sharp, and rust-free.

What is a Whetstone?

A Whetstone is typically a stone with a fine grain top used especially for sharpening a knife. The whetstone is easier to use, and clean. There are natural & artificial stones available in the market.

Using a Whetstone to sharpen a Chef’s knife:

● Soak the whetstone before starting

● Choose the less dominant side first. When you hold the knife with your dominant hand, then the left side of the knife is the less dominant side

● Place your fingers on the blade for grip

● Start grinding the knife from the top edge of the knife and slowly move progress towards the handle

What is a Honing Rod?

A honing rod is 12 inches long slim yet heavy steel rod with thin lines carved into it. Any kind of knife can be sharpened with a honing rod. The honing rod is best when used for a carbon steel knife. Using a honing rod involves using both hands - one for holding the rod and the other for the knife. Grinding the knife’s sharp edge onto the rod will make the blade sharper. Using a honing rod is much more work than a whetstone.

The angle of the knife:

To sharpen a knife, the angle of the knife is very important. Holding it straight into the stone or the honing rod will damage the sharpness, causing breakage on the blade. It is necessary to hold the knife at a 15 to 20 degrees angle while sharpening.

Now, you are all set to sharpen the knife and make some wonders in the kitchen! Happy cooking!



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