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Who are Goko Hamono?

March 28, 2022 0 Comment(s)

Norihiko Yamakawa is the owner and CEO of Goko Hamono. He has been working in the knife industry for more than 50 years, and his experience and ideas are at the heart of Goko Hamono. He hopes to pass down historic techniques, abilities, and the art of blade forging to future generations, ensuring the survival of this handcrafted art form in Japan.Mr. Yamakawa and his family relocated to Kashiwa after developing a close friendship with blacksmiths from eastern Japan.

The name of the company came from the nearest train station named – Goko Station on the Shin-Keisei line in Chiba Prefecture. It sounded beautiful, so they took this name as the company name

At the age of 42, he founded Goko Hamono and recruited the support of his son, who was a high school student at the time, in the business's early days. Yoshito eventually decided to follow in his father's footsteps and seek a career as a blacksmith. He now works at Goko Hamono with his father, both have a similar atmosphere, which is both confident and modest.

Goko Hamono is a Japanese producer of handcrafted Gyuto kitchen knives with the Dento seal of approval, which the country bestows on high-quality traditional crafts. Goko Hamono's knives are used by both expert chefs and regular people in kitchens all around the world.

Goko Hamono's knives are one-of-a-kind since they are entirely handcrafted. The degree of quality is significantly different. A Goko Hamono handcrafted knife is first and foremost a cooking tool, but it also represents the character and individuality of its creator from tip to handle. Real handcrafted blades may not have the same immaculate surface as machine-made knives, but the functioning of the blade, or how it cuts, is far more essential. It is not rare for international customers to wait 6-8 months for their own Goko Hamono Knife.



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