Sakai Genkichi Blue steel 2 Yanagiba knife | Japanese knives for Sashimi
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Sakai Genkichi Blue steel 2 Yanagiba Sashimi Knife 270 (10.6) Magnolia Wood handle with buffalo horn

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This gorgeous single edged Yanagiba knife was made by the Sakai Genkichi company from Sakai city in Osaka Prefecture in Japan. 270mm long blade are hand-forged in the Japanese traditional smithing technique called "Tsukehagane" (hammer welding) that welds low-carbon steel and high-carbon steel (Hitachi Metal Blue steel 2). Kasumi finish.

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Yanagiba (in Japanese means "Willow leaf blade") is a specialized Japanese traditional knife for cutting raw fish fillets into thin slices (preparing sashimi and sushi). The blade length of Yanagiba is usually from 210mm to 360mm, but on average, 270mm to 330mm is our recommendation. Outside Japan, the Yanagiba knife is often called a "sashimi knife."

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The perfect traditional blade shape and Blue steel 2 guarantee excellent cutting ability and sharpness but low rust resistance. Japanese traditional knife handles are made from Magnolia Wood with a buffalo horn ferrule. To prevent blade corrosion, please wipe the blade to dry after every use. Genkichi 270mm Yanagiba knife is a perfect choice for professional "Fish" cooking and is highly recommended to professionals. Knife packed in premium Japanese authentic gift box with traditional patterns.

Knife Type Yanagiba
Brand Sakai Genkichi
Knife Style Old Japanese Traditional
Blade Bevel Grind Single Bevel (Right-handed)
Total Knife Lenth (mm/inch) 417/16.2
Blade Lenth (mm/inch) 270/10.6
Blade Height at Base/Heel (mm/inch) 32/1.25
Blade Thickness above heel (mm/inch) 3.9/0.15
Blade Thickness above tip (mm/inch) 3/0.12
Blade Steel / Core steel Blue steel 2
Blade Core Hardness 63-64HRC
Blade Construction / Structure Tsukehagane / Ni-mai awase
Blade Cladding Steel Carbon steel
Knife Handle Material Magnolia/Buffalo horn
Handle Bolster No
Handle style Japanese
Total Knife Weight (g/Oz) 184/6.5
Hand-sharpened Yes
Place of Origin Sakai Japan

After use, wash it with a soft sponge, wipe the knife dry and store safely. Avoid cutting the bones, frozen foods, hard fruit pits.

Recommended cutting surface: wood, rubberized boards, and high-end composites, as well as quality plastics such as polyethylene, make acceptable cutting surfaces and will help protect and extend the life of the knife's edge. AVOID using glass, metal, countertops, and other rigid, unyielding surfaces.

We think that sharpening all quality Japanese knives on whetstones produces the finest results for your blades.

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