Sujihiki / Slicer knife

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A Sujihiki knife is the best solution for those looking for a slicer knife that offers clean, precise, and fine cuts. A Japanese carving knife with long sinewy and a sharp blade, the Sujihiki is an ideal choice for those working mostly with all kinds of proteins like various meat varieties and fish. From trimming away fat to achieving flawless and textbook-perfect slices, this multipurpose kitchen tool works like a dream.

The immensely powerful Japanese slicing knife is made from top-quality stainless steel and highly tempered to be sturdy and superior to its Western counterparts. The versatile Sujihiki knife has a multitude of applications, ranging from skinning to filleting to slicing, and can even double up as a splendid chef’s knife.

One of the best slicing and carving knives available today with its exceptional quality build and ergonomic finesse, the Sujihiki knife is a class apart. Complete with an anti-slip and easy-to-hold grip, it’s a delight to work with and imparts a professional touch to any kitchen.

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