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Honesuki Knife

The Japanese collection of kitchen tools features an extensive range of superior and exclusive toughened knives, thanks to the Asian cuisine that involves a wide assortment of meats and fish. Honesuki is the perfect deboning knife, capable of cutting into tough skins, raw meats as well as for deboning, slicing, and filleting fish. Also used for trimming fats, these knives can cut into a varied range of meat.

The super sharp and fine blade of the Japanese boning knife is triangular and ensures flawless and effortlessly precise and clean cuts. Honesuki boning knives, a chef’s trusted companion, are cast from the best quality stainless steel and have a thin pointed tip in addition to a highly tempered blade ensuring durability. Extremely easy to use, they are also ergonomically designed.

Undoubtedly, the Honesuki boning knives are well balanced with the right amount of blade thickness and sharper angles, making it easy to create artful cuts, thanks to the Japanese legacy and the need for finesse in Asian cooking.

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Honesuki knife made by Japanese Tetsuhiro Knife Company from Sanjo City in Niigata Prefecture. 150mm long blade made by Japanese traditional method "Varicomi" (Inserted hard steel as a core between softer stainless steel) using high-purity steel VG10 as the central core. Western-style handle made from solid black paper micarta.
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